New Video! High Performance Enhancing Sealer

We just dropped a new video!

This time around I explain the difference between Oceancare Product's stone sealer options and demonstrate how to use the High Performance Enhancing Sealer with a real world application on an outdoor, slate patio. I'll take you through the entire process, including the tools you'll need and simple step-by-step instructions that will allow anyone to get professional results when sealing and enhancing natural stone.

Oceancare Products High Performance Enhancing Sealer is a simple to use, low VOC, all-in-one color enhancer and penetrating sealer for both interior and exterior applications. Intensifies and enriches the color of natural stone, grout, concrete and other porous masonry materials. Forms a barrier that is resistant to water and oil and provides superior stain protection. Available for purchase at - watch until the end for a 10% discount code!