How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile - New Video

Every pool owner is familiar with the issue of calcium build up, but we are here to help with this informative video.  Learn how to remove calcium build up from your pool tile with the popular Calcium Releaser from Oceancare Products.  And as an added bonus the video will demonstrate how to use Oceancare Products Glass & Tile Shield to keep the calcium from returning.  

Brian from Oceancare Products Store will take you through a simple step-by-step process, with pro-tips and insights, that anyone can use to get great results and remove heavy calcium build-up from porcelain or glass pool tile. 

Brian shares an easy to follow method that will save you time and frustration with battling even the crustiest build-up as he removes a year’s worth of calcium from a spa overflow using Oceancare Products Calcium Releaser.

He utilizes a few basic tools and follows these steps:

  1. Scrape the heaviest build-up
  2. Soak the build-up with Calcium Releaser
  3. Cover the area with plastic cling wrap
  4. Let it sit 
  5. Scrub and brush the calcium away






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